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Monday, September 1
Former Steeler Wilson suspended for one game
Not that he's currently on a team, but if/when he is, he will have to sit out one game.

Former Steelers WR Cedrick Wilson was suspended for a game, according to NFL.com's Adam Schefter. He allegedly hit his girlfriend at a restaurant back in March.

At the time, the big brouha was about how Wilson was punished, and nothing happened to Pro Bowl outside linebacker James Harrison, who was accused of the same crime. Harrison told Steelers owner Dan Rooney right after the incident. Reports were that Rooney found out about Wilson through a reporter calling asking for comment.

Now, no one seems to care about either incident. Harrison wasn't on the commissioner's list of damned, so it's probably safe to say nothing will happen to Silverback. Moral to the story, 'fess up to the situation directly with the owner of the team immediately after it happens.

It seems to help to be Catholic, too.

If anything, it simply brings up how the Steelers wide receiving unit has been shaken up somewhat. With Wilson's departure, the Steelers listened to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and got some bigger receivers. Wilson and Willie Reid went out, rookie Limas Sweed and Dallas Baker, 6-foot-4 and 6-foot-3, respectively, replaced them. Last year's receiving corps averaged a little over 5-foot-10. Now, they average 6-foot-1.

Sweed is currently battling a case of the drops, and Baker has the least amount of experience of everyone on the roster except the rookies.

Perhaps that's why offensive coordinator Bruce Arians is splitting out Roethlisberger and back-up QB Byron Leftwich on a few packages.

Not that I'm complaining...JJ Cooper of AOL has a nice piece on the comforting feeling of other receivers the Steelers could have taken in 2006.



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