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Monday, September 29
It's 14 hours from kickoff, and the spotlight shifts from the rest of the NFL to Baltimore at Pittsburgh.

Clubber Lang says it the best:

Ravens Locker predicts a 9-7 Steelers win, but notes the Ravens are going to blitz Ben Roethlisberger back to the stone age. A fair assessment.

Five of the seven Baltimore Sun writers picked the Steelers. 'Course, all seven of them picked the Broncos to beat the Chiefs, too, but who didn't?

Dale Lolley points the finger at the only constant the Steelers have had in their passing game...Roethlisberger. An astute observation. Ben looks a little slow. The Ravens are going to look to come after him on every passing down, and maybe even when he's on the sideline during punts.

Behind the Steel Curtain poses an interesting question: considering how the Steelers developed Brett Keisel on special teams due to his athleticism, how are they supposed to develop a guy like Darnell Stapleton?

James Pete at Steel Tradition discusses the Hines Ward vs. Bart Scott "feud" that apparently exists. It was given life by the fact Ward cleaned Scott's clock last season, and Scott threatened to kill him. Pete says Scott allegedly tackled Ward after the game. I hadn't heard that, but I wouldn't put it past him, either.

Ryan Wilson gives Post-Gazette columnist Gene Collier a big "whatev" in response to a column he wrote. I certainly won't pretend I don't get frustrated at times with columnists of the local fishwraps covering the Steelers, but after reading Collier, I am usually reminded that he and I probably make the same amount of money, and there's a good reason for it. Neither of us really bring anything anyone cares about in the workplace.

It seems Wilson want to go knuckles with him, judging by his column on Steel City Insider. Ye gads! Someone gimme odds on Collier making a back-handed comment about "internet writers" in his next column. That's the classic grisled veterain journalist response to criticism nowadays.

Watch Cotter and Tecmo's pre-game show...the main points seem to be Flacco's a young QB, McFadden's getting a pick (second that) and Cleveland Rocks. I gave it a seven, mostly cuz eight wasn't an option.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
During the summer a small thought popped into my head: Big Ben is going to get killed by the fourth game and Leftwich will be starting a few games. This is the worst o-line in the league...and I'm in Phoenix and I've seen the Cardinals play. I'd say the Cardinals offensive line is about a light year ahead of the black and gold, which of course is saying something, since the last time I checked Kurt Warner is good for at least 5 sacks a game - and just as many turnovers. At least #7 hasn't had too many of those yet, but I'm sure he'll make up for it tonight. I'm so sick of the mediocrity and the Rooney's period. We lose what little talent we have on the o-line every damn year. I just found out Danny K is playing in St. Louis, at least he's on their squad. I hope Cowher takes over down there instead of in Cleveland if Romeo gets shit canned. Why even go get a big time quarterback, eventually give him a $100 million and then make NO moves whatsoever to make sure that the face of the franchise doesn't get killed. Why didn't the Steelers pick up Willie Anderson? Seems like he's helped the Ravens out with their running game....It seems like on Hartwig and Colon are the only ones who give a damn. The rest are quitters. Kemoeatyou? Yeah he's a road grader alright, as long as it's a short road leading to a dead end. And on the defensive side -Marcus Stroud was a free agent, he would've been a perfect Steeler...was he even considered?
Hate to be realistic but the Steelers have gotten pretty kind over the past two years towards rookie quarterbacks. The Ravens d is healthy and so is their o-line apparently so I feel a beatdown of the highest magnitude coming tonight. I say the Ravens get their pay back, big time and score at least twice defensively. As usual some former pro-bowlers are hurt for the Steelers and the best of the mediocre lineman are out. It's too bad - but not surprising- that Troy won't be %100 because he's the only game changing type player the Steelers have. The Steelers lost their identity when Arians wasn't fired. Ravens 42 Steelers 6
For the love of God sell the damn team and bring Cowher back. I see on the NFL Network Tomlin's got a commercial saying if "you stop watching, I'll quit coaching..."

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