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Sunday, September 7
Just hours from kickoff...glancing around the InterVista 2.0s, there's some good info about Pittsburgh's Week 1 opponent, the Houston Texans.

Battle on, Eugene Wilson

I think this is the best one...The Battle Red Blog proclaims former Patriots safety Eugene Wilson is better than advertised. That's probably a good thing for Wilson, considering he was signed after the final cut this season. He'll be in the rotation at cornerback for the Texans, which means they do have some experience to bolster Fred Bennett, a second-year defender who's had some problems getting beat this preseason. If nothing else, Battle Red Blog feels he adds a big value.
With depth issues of their own, the Texans jumped at the opportunity to add an experienced defensive back with the versatility to play several positions.
How much the Steelers see Wilson is likely contingent upon how badly Santonio and Ward run Bennett, Jaques Reeves and DeMarcus Faggins into the loose Heinz Field turf, I suppose.

Texans Gab gabbing about Winston, blogs

Blogging guru, Matt Loede, writes up something quick on Texans Gab about right tackle Eric Winston's five-year, $32 million contract extension he just signed.

Of note, Loede was just featured by Baltimore Sun writer Andrew Ratner in a piece about various Ravens blogs existing on the web.

Houston Die Hards loves them some Green

Chris at Houston Diehards has a good pregame reference guide for Steelers fans looking for last-minute info on the Texans.

Highlighted in that is his take on Texans head coach Gary Kubiak's statement that RB Ahman Green will get 12-15 carries today.

Smokescreen? Maybe, maybe not. It's not like the Texans have multiple runners with huge success in Pittsburgh...

More coming...



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